Saturday, May 25, 2013

How do you spell relief?!?!?!

I am in the midst of an especially challenging year at work, and there are many, many days when I have to question the quality of life that results from having to work endless hours and days without break.  This warp has been a saving grace for me and a source of restoration, even if I only make it to the loom for a half hour in the day.

It comes from a draft that I happened
upon when scrolling through the infinite options of a twill database in the Proweave program.   After 18 months of having this program, there is still very little that I can do with it (confirmed technoidiot!), but I can and do have fun playing with the twill database, from which one can endlessly change either a tie-up, threading, or treadling.  I was thrilled when this pattern evolved!

Being that towels are my go-to comfort weave when life is in turmoil, it was an easy choice to put a 9-yard warp on the loom and plan for 8 towels.  Unfortunately, my variety of cotton weft offerings were not as cooperative and I had to change some decisions along the way.

I intended to make a set of blue for a special gift, but my skein of blue would not have made it through a second 30" towel.  I decided instead to edge the coordinating towel with blue and keep the main area natural.  That gives me enough blue left over to put on the inkle loom for coordinating tabs.

I was able to get a set of green.... in tan, albeit something short of the intended 30" in maroon

...and two in cinnamon, although the second squeaked through at the end of the warp short of the intended 30".  8/2 unmercerized cotton warp and weft with 10/2 cotton for hems.  22" x 30" on the loom, excluding 1.5" hems at each end.

Now I'm off to warp the inkle loom and make tabs to coordinate.  I'll share the finished towels when they're completed.

This draft was a joy to weave and a pattern that was quick to learn and easy to repeat.  I'd love to try it with a smaller grist in silk.  I think it would make a gorgeous piece!

I attempted to post the wif file here, but did not receive cooperation from this site.  I'm sure it must be possible, but I'll just leave it with 'I'll be happy to send you the wif. file if anyone is interested".  Just send me your e-mail address and I'll send it out.

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Until next time........

Happy Weaving!!


  1. Linda, your work is lovely! I also find weaving to be a comfort and joy when life is sometimes hectic and difficult. Thanks for sharing...


  2. What a beautiful project! If I ever get going again with my weaving, you'll probably hear from me!

  3. Linda, I really enjoy the twill towels you've created. The colour and pattern are quite nice and would work equally well as towels or table runners. Susan (Thrums) has been making towels for our house for years. some find themselves in the kitchen and some end up as table runners.

    I also want to thank you for the beautiful comment you left on my blog (Caboose Coffee). I treasure it. Thank you.


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  5. Hi Linda, I'm so, so sorry not sending you any post for so long, you've done so much beautiful design lately and I should have said at least something about them! Last summer was a busy time working with the Titanic exhibition, the same time when you published your latest post about the incredible lovely fabrics you've weaved! But that's no good excuse at all. The fall was a bit more slow than last year, the winter as well. But, I'm so curious about your works, where did you get the inspiration for the patterns and colors? Personally, I relate to something Scandinavian (of course, what else to expect of me!) when I see those, but maybe the source lies somewhere else? Feel free and tell more about this, it would be so nice :) Take care, Kirsi (and I mean it! You work so hard...)

  6. These are beautiful! I love the design and color.

  7. Linda, I'm very interested in this pattern, would you be willing to share? I don't have weaving software and am new to ravelry, what is the best way?